What We Do


                         We support brands and businesses with boosting profile and aligning business strategy through high                                  quality partnerships across the non-profit sector.

                                                   We combine extensive knowledge of the arts, culture, heritage and charity sectors                                       with a clear understanding of how business works.

                          We offer consultancy and creative activation ideas, project management and communications, research                                and evaluation - helping your partnerships deliver tangible value and ROI.


Our services

Sometimes simply known as sponsorships, our Strategic Partnerships deliver strong commercial return to business and tangible benefit to the partner.

Designed to build brand and reputation, grow business or support employees and recruitment, we help deliver win-win results and the evaluation frameworks to measure impact.


Arts in the workplace
Arts @ Work

This programme provides activities and knowledgeable, accessible content for your clients and employees; promoting conversations, creativity and wellbeing. It can include talks and workshops around key themes such as diversity & inclusion, sustainability and innovation.

Community Programmes

We support the development of business' community programmes in the cultural and charity space, working to identify a range of partners, and build programmes that develop skills and support placemaking, usually targeting particular under-represented communities. 

Project Management

We complement internal teams, providing specialist input into developing programmes and then hands on resource and heavy lifting on a flexible basis, whether that is in narrative development, campaigns and activation, communications or evaluation and measurement.

buying art
Arts Advisory

We provide advice on building or updating your art collection, as well as commissions and competitions. In addition to selecting, curating and interpreting work, we assist with  art hanging, displays and exhibitions.

For Not-for-Profits

We support arts, cultural and heritage organisations and charities develop their offer to the corporate sector, providing advice on packaging, valuing and communicating in a business-friendly way. This includes training for fundraising teams and boards.