What We Do

There is increasing understanding of the power of partnership, whether the result is transferred brand values, augmented expertise, new knowledge, extended reach or new perspectives.

We offer consultancy, project management and training from specialists in partnership working across a range of sectors, helping your partnerships move from being transactional to transformational.

Our services

A successful sponsorship delivers great ROI to the sponsor and real benefit to the sponsored organisation. We believe in defined objectives, creative execution and measurable, win-win results. 

Partnership consultancy

We take a strategic approach to selecting, managing and measuring partnerships using a range of models and tools, augmented by the expertise and experience of our team.

Responsible business and ESG

Whether your business wants to change the world, or simply have a more meaningful impact on your community, our processes, knowledge and networks can reduce risk and boost success.


Truly understanding a partner’s objectives and providing solutions to problems is the best way to access budgets. We can help build a compelling case that is based on more than goodwill and relationships.


Our bespoke programmes include hands-on learning, workshop facilitation and mentoring of teams or individuals. Whether you are building a new team, re-energising a project or selling your story, we can help.


Effective communications are clear, compelling and succinct. We specialise in campaign strategy, messaging, copywriting and cross-channel content creation.