Welcome to Albright Special

From Transaction to Transformation 

Partnerships can be game-changing. They can bring fresh ideas, resources, opportunities, audiences, markets and scale. They can also bring a host of challenges.

Working with partners requires planning, flexibility, communication and hard work. We’re here to help.

What We Do

We offer consultancy, project management and training from specialists in partnership working across a range of sectors. Helping your partnerships move from being transactional, to transformational.

Partnership Consultancy
Responsible Business
How we do it

We bring an expert’s eye to the world of partnerships. We are skilled in understanding different points of view, creating effective strategies, facilitating or delivering targeted communications and providing the focus and clarity that leads to results.


Our extensive and broad experience in multiple sectors means we can help you aim high and reduce risks. Our networks and thought leadership bring specialist expertise and local know-how.


We are a boutique agency, able to give you and your project the time and the attention you deserve. Our teams are made up of experienced individuals who are driven to do work that makes a difference. Our people can help you tease out the next step or hit the ground running.

Our Track Record
Our thinking

Here are some thoughts from the team and partners on our projects, best practice and hot topics in the sector

Who we are

Albright Special was set up by Rachel Clarke in 2015.  She works with cross-sector teams of experts - bringing together the worlds of business, brands, charity, culture, education and local government as each project requires.